Watch the transformation from racehorse to riding horse and freestyle partner.
Let's get this Party Started!

We are so glad you are here!  Party Barn & I are getting to know each other and are super excited to get started!

We hope you will check back often to see our progress, to read our stories and watch our videos!

Wish us Luck,

Party Barn & Julie

(aka PB&J)

I am so excited to have been accepted into the Retired Racehorse Makeover Competition.

There is considerable cost associated with re-homing and re-training an OTTB as well as traveling and competing.

Why not "Pony Up" some cash for the

Party Barn cause.

Any amount is appreciated! 

Join the Party!!

Before he left the Track: Dec. 2016

The Thoroughbred Makeover is a $100,000 competition in which hundreds of trainers acquire a recently retired racehorse and prepare it over a period not to exceed ten months for competition in one or two of ten riding sports. Formats for competition are designed to test the quality and progress of each horse’s training.

Check back often to watch PB&J (Party Barn and Julie) as they prepare for this event.

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